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Top Diy Gorgeous Glitter Travel Mug

Gorgeous Glitter Travel Mug


Gorgeous Glitter Travel Mug

Gorgeous Glitter Travel Mug
■ Material cost: $3
■ Working time: 30 minutes (excluding drying time)

· Mug
· Decoupage liquid (liquid glue)
· Glitter (Purple, Pink, Silver)
· UV resin
· Masking tape
· Flat brush
· UV light

1. Remove the lid, cover and bottom of the mug and protect it by applying masking tape to where you do not want to attach glitter.
2. Apply the decoupage liquid to the whole mug with a flat brush.
3. Sprinkle the glitter so no spaces are visible before the decoupage liquid dries. Fix it by waiting for the liquid to dry completely.
4. Apply UV resin with a flat brush and solidify with light to coat the glitter.
5. Remove the masking tape and reinstall the removed cover etc. Done!
※Please work while protecting your hands with vinyl gloves etc .

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