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Top Sweets Bite-size Mont Blanc Cake

Bite-size Mont Blanc Cake


Bite-size Mont Blanc Cake

CCHAN Cooking
Fashionable and pretty yellow Mont Blanc on a spoon!

■ Material cost: Approximately 1000 yen
■ Cooking time: about 40 minutes (excluding baking time)

■ Ingredients
· Cookie dough ... 100g

· Chestnuts Kanroni... 200g
· Milk ... 120ml
· Butter ... 10 g
· Fresh cream ... 30ml

· Whipped cream ... appropriate amount
· Castella ... 1 piece
· Gold foil ... a little

■ Steps
1. Paste cookie dough on Chinese soup spoon and bake in 170 degrees oven for 20 minutes
2. Place the castella on 1 cookie. Squeeze the whipped cream in the shape of a mountain
3. Put Kanroni and milk and cook until soft
4. Transfer the 3 to the bowl through a mixer. Add butter and cream, mix. Cool in the refrigerator
5. Squeeze the malon cream from the top of 2 and put the chestnuts and gold foil on

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