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Mashroom Takoyaki


Mashroom Takoyaki

CCHAN Cooking
You can make a pop mushroom as if it jumped out of a picture book!

■ Cooking time: about 30 minutes
■ Material cost: About 250 yen

■ Ingredients
· Pancake mix ... 200 g
· Eggs ... 1 piece
· Milk ... 150ml
· Vanilla essence ... appropriate amount

· Stick Biscuit ... 24
· Red coloring ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Put a pancake mix, eggs, milk, vanilla essence in a bowl and mix it to make a dough
2. (Thinly apply the oil to the Takoyaki Machine) Fill the machine half-full with 1
3. When 2 plumps, pierce the biscuit and pull it up
4. Draw a pattern in the Takoyaki machine. Set the dipped dough in red fabric, burn it and it is complete!

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