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Top Diy 3 Ways to Wrap a Single Rose🌹

3 Ways to Wrap a Single Rose🌹


3 Ways to Wrap a Single Rose🌹

3 Ways to Wrap a Single Rose🌹

A single flower gift is just as romantic!
This time, we will show you 3 ways to easily wrap single flowers!

[Required materials]
・ Wrapping paper
・ ribbon
・ Red rose
・ cellophane
・ Paper for rehydration
・Aluminum foil

■ Preparation
Cut the stem diagonally, wrap the paper for rehydration, and then immerse it in water
② Wrap cellophane and aluminum foil.

■ The first wrapping
① Cut the wrapping paper and cellophane into the same size and insert the flowers
②Fold it up and down and staple the sides
③ Completed by applying double-sided tape to the stapled part and fold it back!

■ The second wrapping
Make a hole in the middle of the wrapping paper, pass the flower, and turn the back side
② Staple with a stapler together with cellophane
③ Apply double-sided tape to the sides and fold twice

■ The third wrapping
① Wrap with wrapping paper cut to the size of the flower.
② Wrap with cellophane tape and wrap cellophane over it.
③Add cellophane tape, make a handle, and tie the ribbon to complete

Supervisor: Masaki Morikawa
Instagram: re_plant_japan

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