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Sweet Shiba Inu Buns


Sweet Shiba Inu Buns

CCHAN Cooking
How cute are these buns?! ♡ All Shiba Inu or dog lovers, this is for you!

■ Cooking time: about 30 minutes
■ Ingredients cost: About 450 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Rice flour ... 100 g
· Silken tofu ... 100 g
· Custard cream ... 50g
· Black cacao ... 1 tsp
· Black honey ... appropriate amount

■ Steps:
Preparation: Color custard cream orange, placed in a spherical ice maker and freeze.
1. Add silken tofu to white rice powder and mix until it becomes soft
2. Take 40 g in 1 hand and shape it into a ball, then extend it to a circle of about 7 cm
3. Wrap the frozen custard cream and wrap it. Round it with the palm of your hand
4. Make parts of ears, nose, eyebrows with a small amount of step 2 and stick them together. Mix black cacao to make it black and stick to the eye part.
5. Place 4 in boiling water, remove, and let float in cold water
6. Wipe off the moisture and thinly apply black honey to the upper part of the face and it is complete!

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