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Cosmetics for Men


Cosmetics for Men

Introduced by Leo!
Cosmetics for Men

I’m Leo!
In today’s generation, guys also apply makeup!
Because the most important thing is
For confidence, guys also apply makeup!
And that’s perfectly fine!

First, lips
Boy de Chanel
Lip Balm
The power of France
My lips are really
BIG so,
They get really dry
So I need to moisturize!
I mean..
You have to be prepared for a kiss♡

Next is this!
Mens Acne Barrier
Medicated concealer
This isn’t a lipstick
So just be careful.
tap tap tap

And lastly…
Mens Eyebrow Template
Nice Brow
(w/ eyebrow pencil)

*Leo’s eyebrows are very full so we used one of our male cameramen.

How is it?
He looks so handsome now, right?
Guys can become more handsome!
So girls,
We won’t lose!

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