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Top Culture Winter Outerwear Tips to Know!

Winter Outerwear Tips to Know!


Winter Outerwear Tips to Know!

4 Useful Cloth Ball Removers

In the season when you are worried about pilling, how do you choose a pill cleaner?
Introducing popular products by application ♪

(1) Rechargeable batteries appear in popular long sellers!
[IZUMI (Izumi Seiki Seisakusho) / Kuturu Toru KC-NW79]
CHECK POINT! Protect the texture of the fabric and remove only pills
"Fluffy guard" allows you to adjust the height of the blade
Can be used while wearing

② Popular series renewed
[TESCOM / Kidama Toreta KD601]
CHECK POINT! Stick shape for easy handling
Can be used while wearing tights or knits of 30 denier or more
Quick work is also possible with the attached replacement cap

③ Supervised by a cleaning expert
[Cogit / Laundry cram ■ Clothing-friendly clothing pill removal brush]
CHECK POINT! The trick is to gently take the power out of a manual brush
Recommended for wool

④100 yen pill remover
[Daiso / Spinning pills]
CHECK POINT! Convenient when you want to go right away
Recommended for partial use rather than wide part

Cast: Saki Murata

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