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Top Hair Easy Scalp Massages for Fatigue

Easy Scalp Massages for Fatigue


Easy Scalp Massages for Fatigue

Relieve tired eyes, stiff shoulders, and sagging! Scalp massage with a brush

A method of scalp massage that relieves daily worries,
A beautician explains each problem!

You can do it with one hairbrush, so please try it at home♪

First brush from top to bottom, then from bottom to top like a ponytail,
Warm up the entire scalp.

<Trouble: tired eyes>
1. Use the handle of the brush along the neck from the back of your ears for about 1 minute
2. Gently press the temple with the brush handle 10 times.

<Trouble: stiff shoulder>
1. Push the base of the neck along the hairline for about 1 minute with the brush handle.
2. Along the hairline, flush from bottom to ear for about 1 minute
3. Lightly tap the entire scalp with the brush side

<Trouble: sagging>
1. From the forehead to the back of the head, press 10 times while applying pressure on the brush surface
2. Pull up for about 1 minute while rotating the brush from around the ear to the back

Cast/Photo: Mitsumaru Kasumi


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