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Top Makeup Ultra Thin 6-in-1 Eyeliner!

Ultra Thin 6-in-1 Eyeliner!


Ultra Thin 6-in-1 Eyeliner!

It can be used in a variety of ways and is convenient!
On the topic KATE double line expert.
I would like to have a good no-makeup makeup look day ~
This is an item that will be very handy at such times ♪

■ 1
If you trace the upper lid line, the double eye is emphasized and gives a bigger eye effect
■ 2
Just draw a line on the lower eyelid along the line made when you smile and produce the shadow of the tear bag
■ 3
If it is used as an eyebrow product, it will be fail-proof and give a soft and naturally colored look
■ 4
If you draw along the inner eye line, you can draw it well without straying away!
■ 5
It gives a natural finish. Perfect for the no-makeup look
■ 6
Just by drawing a line on both ends of the lip, the corner of the mouth rises sharply and you will look more friendly!

Starring: Shinno Nana
Planning and production: Anjun

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