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Top Gourmet 【 Korea】Cheap bossam meat!

【 Korea】Cheap bossam meat!


【 Korea】Cheap bossam meat!

Yvonne Flores
I visited HUFS subway station where Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, one of Seoul's top universities to visit a frequented restaurant by students, Bon Ga Halmeoni Bossam. For only 6000won, one can order a complete Korean meal that includes bossam, a slowly cooked thin cut of pork belly, tofu soup, rice and an array of side dishes.
Bossam meat is typically wrapped in salted napa cabbage but eating it alongside their special kimchi is just as good! Although the price is cheap, they don’t skip out on the flavor!

Price - Bossam Set - 6000won

Bon Ga Halmeoni Bossam

address 288-46 Imun-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone Number 02-966-4277
ウェブ http://bedfordcheeseshop.com/

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