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Top Diy Small musician♡Hair tie for autumn

Small musician♡Hair tie for autumn


Small musician♡Hair tie for autumn

【What to prepare】
· Wide masking tape
· Hoop parts of gold
· UV-LED resin "Star drops" (Hard)
· Resin coloring agent (white, blue, green)
· Resin toning dish
· Toning stick
· UV light
· tweezers
· Miniature dolls
· Hair rubber with base

1. Wrap a wide masking tape with the adhesive surface facing up, then flatten and paste. Put a hoop part on it and secure it.
2. Place the resin in a resin toning dish and color with a white colorant. Pour a suitable amount into the hoop parts. Stretch it with a stick and harden with light.
3. Mix the colorant with green coloring, apply a small amount at the bottom of the part and solidify.
4. Place the transparent resin in the part and place the miniature doll in such a way that step 3 looks like the ground. Once solidified, add resin and coat.
5. Remove from the masking tape, finish with a small amount of resin on the back and adda hair rubber to the base and solidify!!

A hair tie with a little retro atmosphere is perfect for fall!
Please try making it by all means ♡

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