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Top Hair New Style Ideas💡! 2 Pigtails

New Style Ideas💡! 2 Pigtails


New Style Ideas💡! 2 Pigtails

New Style Ideas💡! 2 Pigtails

Usual pigtails are also cute, but sometimes I want to incorporate a variety.
Introducing 2 types of of soft cute MIX pigtails and NEO pigtails that are cool!

STYLE.1 MIX pigtails
1. Divide the back of the loosely wound hair into zigzags with a comb and tie the two.
2. Leave the bangs together with hair tie
3. Rinse the rubber and braid the rest. On the way, tie the two places with rubber, pull out, and braid the hair again.
4. The hair tips are tied to the leather strap.

STYLE.2 NEO pigtails
1. Take an appropriate amount of gel and wrap the entire hair.
2. Divide the hair into upper and lower parts and section the upper part.
3. Collect the remaining lower hair to the left and braid it.
4. Collect the upper hair to the right and braid it.
5. Put the paracord in the rubber tip and wrap it around the hair longer.
6. Straighten baby hairs with a small amount of gel.

Cast: Shino Nana
Hair and makeup: TOMOMI KATAOKA @ STRAMA http://strama.jp

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