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Top Diy Gradation Crystal Soap

Gradation Crystal Soap


Gradation Crystal Soap

· MP soap clear
· Heat resistant container
· Aroma oil
· Food coloring
· Acrylic mold for handmade soap
· ribbon
1. Divide MP soup into finely cut part and part cut in about 3 cm
2. Place MP soap cut in about 3 cm in a heat-resistant container and add scent with aroma oil, and color with food coloring
3. Per 100 g of MP soap, heat and melt in a microwave oven of 500 W for 40 seconds.
* Please be careful not to spill it at this time!
4. Put the MP soap which was cut finely into handmade soap acrylic mold and slowly pour in the melted MP soap from both sides
* If you put in vigorously, fine MP soap will move and create unevenness in pattern!
5. Once cooled and hardened, remove it from acrylic mold and complete with the ribbon tie!

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