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Top Gourmet 【Thailand】Revolucion Cocktail bar

【Thailand】Revolucion Cocktail bar


【Thailand】Revolucion Cocktail bar

Bri B.
Revolucion Cocktail is an ode to the cocktail lover. This Shanghai original opened it’s first bar in south east Asia here in Bangkok! This bar, located in a commercial area, is a great hangout for friends, whether you’re in a Friday night mood or just looking for a place to chill during the weekday. Their signature Revolucion Cocktail is a real treat. Being a bit sour and sweet, it’s a nice mix of flavors to enjoy amidst the lovely interior design.

Revolucion Cocktail 360 Baht

Revolucion Cocktail

address 50 Sathorn soi 10, Silam, Bagrak
ウェブ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Revolucion-Cocktail-Bangkok/1379109385728191?fref=ts

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