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Top Life Hack 5 Innovative Ways to Use Hooks!
Life Hack

5 Innovative Ways to Use Hooks!

Life Hack

5 Innovative Ways to Use Hooks!

Hook but don’t hang!?
5 Innovative Ways to Use Hooks!

When you hang things, you almost always use hooks.
But it can actually be used for anything other than hanging!

① Lid storage
1. Stick the adhesive hook in three directions according to the size of the lid.
2. Store the lid.
Once pasted on the door, there is no problem with storing the lid ♪

② File storage
1. Paste the hooks next to the storage shelves so that they face each other.
2. Insert the file.
If you file things that you use frequently or things that are easy to lose, you will notice them, so don't forget!

③ Trash
1. Stick the hook upside down on the side of the trash can.
2. Paste on the other side in the same way and put a garbage bag.
Even if the bag sinks when you put in a lot, it is safe if you attach a hook.

④ Toothbrush storage
1. Stick the hook diagonally.
2. Put the toothbrush head on.
Recommended if you are using a hard brush or a large head brush!

⑤ Bottle storage
1. Attach the hook sideways.
2. Put the bottle.
It is more stable than using the hook vertically!

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