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Top Diy DIY:Bamboo Beads Triangle Earrings

DIY:Bamboo Beads Triangle Earrings


DIY:Bamboo Beads Triangle Earrings

■Working time: about 45 minutes
■Cost: about $10

【Items (1piece)】
· Gold bamboo beads … 6 pieces
· White pearl beads … 5 pieces
· Pink and yellow bicone beads … 5 pieces each
· Gold small beads
· White nylon thread
· Wire needle for special small beads … 1 pieces
· Gold earring parts … 1 pieces
· Jump ring … 2 pieces
· Gold chain 1.5cm ~ 2cm

① Cut longer the nylon thread and pass it through a wire needle.
② Connect the three bamboo beads with 1, and then combine the beads into a triangle shape through the thread again. Leave the other side thread and the needle with leeway.
③ Pass small beads between the bamboo beads while going around the thread in the bamboo beads.
④ Pass the thread through 5 pink beads and pull the thread so that it does not sag. Yellow beads and pearl beads are in the same way as pink beads. Pass the small beads at the turn of the beads’ color while passing the thread.
⑤Pass the bamboo beads and small beads in the same way as ②. When all the beads have been passed through, do French knot and cut the thread.
⑥ Connect the earring part, chain, made earring head with jump rings and complete. Let’s make one more earring.

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