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Top Diy DIY Night Sky Dome Necklace

DIY Night Sky Dome Necklace


DIY Night Sky Dome Necklace

DIY Night Sky Dome Necklace

・ Glass dome (pot type, large hole)
・ T pin
・ Charm of your choice
・ Glitter powder (fine particles) <Pika Ace Effect H Aqua used>
・ Favorite hologram
・ Personal beads and Swarovski
・ Necklace chain
・ Round can
・ Hard resin
・ UV light
・ water
・ straw
・ toothpick

1, use pliers to round the tip of the T pin
2. Place the hard resin on the plate of the T pin and attach it to the inside of the glass dome and let it harden.
3, open the tip of the rounded T pin, and attach your favorite charm
4, put your favorite beads, Swarovski, hologram in the glass dome
5, pour water into the glass dome using a straw
6, put glitter powder in the glass dome with water
7. Apply hard resin to the edge of the glass dome, fill the lid and cure as it is.
8, pass the glass dome through the chain for the necklace with a circle part

Planning and production: Saya Nagata

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