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Top Diy DIY Jewel Cluster Earrings ♡

DIY Jewel Cluster Earrings ♡


DIY Jewel Cluster Earrings ♡

DIY Jewel Cluster Earrings ♡

The glittering jewel accessory has a great presence just by wearing it.

However, jewel accessories are expensive and the designs are limited, so you sometimes can’t find your favorite ones ...

Why don't you make it yourself?
In fact, complicated jewel accessories can be easily made just by applying adhesive and lining them up!

・ Any jewel
・ Jewel base
・ Pearl of your choice
・ Washer
・ Earring parts
・ Adhesive (thing that does not turn white)
・clear file

1.Place the washer on the clear file and apply the adhesive
2. Attach the pedestal to the jewel
3. Place the jewel on the washer
4. When it is dry, remove the washer and the clear file.
5. Stick the earring parts to the back of the jewel parts you made with the adhesive


Glittery bijoux accessories can be applied not only to earrings, but also to buttons, bangles, brooches, etc. ♪
Make glitter accessories with your favorite colors and designs!

Planning and production: Saya Nagata

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