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Top Bodycare 3 Best Suntanned Skin Care

3 Best Suntanned Skin Care


3 Best Suntanned Skin Care

Are you doing after-care after played a lot in the hot sun?
No matter how much sunscreen or other UV measures were taken, that is not enough!
The important thing is not only the UV countermeasure before playing but also cooling and hydration after playing!

So this time we will introduce three items that are very effective for suntanned skin care!

【ITEM 1 THE SAEM / Ice Lemon Soothing Gel】
Just put it on the face and body that hit it in the sun, instantly rehydrate and items that are very comfortable in the summer ♡ comfortable feeling of suising gel

【ITEM 2 Green tea pack】
Easy after-care that made use of green tea ingredients! Easy step just to place a cotton that included green tea♡

【ITEM 3 Dr. Jart + Rubber Mask Moist Lover】
There are various kinds of masks of Dr. Jart +, but Moist Lover is a mask which is particularly enhanced moisturizing first! For skin conditions that want moisture, the most perfect mask!

【Cosmetics Used】
the SAEM
Ice Lemon Soothing Gel

Dr. Jart +
Rubber Mask Moist Lover

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