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Top Sweets Happy New Year! 2019 Cake

Happy New Year! 2019 Cake


Happy New Year! 2019 Cake

CCHAN Cooking
Join us in creating a 2019 cake using drink cartons! ♪ You can use this idea for various occasions ♪

■ Cooking time: about 180 minutes
■ Ingredients cost: Approximately 2500 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Eggs ... 4
· Granulated sugar ... 50 g
· Hot cake mix ... 800g
· Milk ... 600ml
· Fresh cream ... 800ml
· Food color (pink · green) ... appropriate amount

<Topping> Use an appropriate amount for each
· Raspberry
· Marshmallows
· Mint
· Muscat


1. Put egg, milk, and granulated sugar in a bowl and mix.
2. Add into hot cake mix and mix with a whisk.
3. Cut up an empty milk carton and combine it so that it is in the form of 2019 numbers. Add aluminum foil and a cooking sheet.
4. Bake in a mould in an oven at 140 ° C for 30 minutes. (Flip over in 15 minutes and apply aluminum foil.)
5. Take it out onto the cake cooler. Remove the outer mold and cool while attaching the cooking sheet.
6. When the sponge cools down, remove it from the mould and apply colored cream to the surface of the sponge evenly. Squeeze the cream out with a squeezing bag, then complete by decorating! ♪

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