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Top Culture New Microwave Goods to Save the Day!

New Microwave Goods to Save the Day!


New Microwave Goods to Save the Day!

Cooking completed in the microwave! ? Daiso's range cooking goods are for moms

When you are busy or tired, you should be able to cook as easily as possible and use less washing!
It is Daiso (@daiso_official) range cooking goods that can be used at such times ✨

Easy in the microwave! ramen
It is a container that can easily make ramen just by adding water and bag noodles and heating in the range.
The cooking time with vegetables is also listed in the lid and instructions, so you don't have to worry about nutrition!

In addition, it is recommended to make a pot in the future!

How to make a bowl
1. Put in the root vegetables that are difficult for heat to pass through first.
2. Add other ingredients.
3. Put a pot of water and water for one person and heat it in the 600w microwave for 8 to 9 minutes.
* Please put the amount of water listed on the pot.

Spicy hot pots such as kimchi hot pots are hard to eat when you have children, but it's nice to eat yourself and make one serving.

* Do not use cream or butter / olive oil.
* Kimchi pots may be colored on the container. Please do not use if you are interested.

☑️ Microwave cooker (for warm vegetables)
A basket, a container, and a lid are included, and you can easily make hot vegetables in the range!
It takes a lot of time to drain the water, and it is hard to wash it with a silicon steamer.

It's easy to make, so it's recommended for making lunches on a busy morning!
Nutrition can be taken without hassle, and the color will also improve.

* Discontinued numbers and specification changes may occur without notice for the listed products. Please note.
* Assortment varies by store and may not be in stock.
* The usage of this video was devised by the editorial department and was not supervised by Daiso. Please refrain from contacting us.

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