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Top Diy DIY: Miniature Drink Charm

DIY: Miniature Drink Charm


DIY: Miniature Drink Charm

· Glass type silicon mold
· UV-LED resin HARD
· gloves
· UV light
· Resin coloring agent Black / pink / white
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· Plastic resin clay (Oyumaru)
· Scissors
· tweezers
· Cotton swab
· Nipper
· Hand drill
· Round jump ring
· Key holder parts
1) Put resin in the silicon mold until halfway, put lid on and harden it with UV light
2) Remove from mold
3) Color the resin and make two kinds (coffee color and and milk color)
4) Pour coffee colored resin into the glass
5) Cut clay in small pieces and put it in the glass
6) Pour the milk colored resin in
7) Cut the swab short and insert it into the glass
8) Cure
9) Drill a hole in the glass part
10)Completed when connected with key holder parts

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