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Top Diy DIY Strawberries from Paper!

DIY Strawberries from Paper!


DIY Strawberries from Paper!

· Quilling paper
· Quilling slot
· Glue for paper
· Toothpicks
· tweezers
· Acrylic paint white
· Craft punch
· Construction paper green
· thumbtack
· Instant glue
· Screw eye
· Coating for paper
1) Put paper in the notch at the tip and wind paper around
2) Glue the end after remove it from the quilling slot
3) Push the handle of the quilling slot into the rolled paper and gradually spread it
4) Increase further by inserting the tip
5) Put glue in the spread paper
6) Similarly make a smaller size and stick the two together
7) Attach white paint to the toothpick and make a pattern
8)Cut the construction paper into a flower form with a craft punch
9) Stick the flower part with the strawberry part
10) Fold protruding parts of the flower with tweezers
11) Drill a hole in the center with a thumbtack
12) Apply instant glue to screw eye and stick it to strawberry
13) It is completed by attaching to the earring parts

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