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Top Diy DIY : Cloud Hair Clips

DIY : Cloud Hair Clips


DIY : Cloud Hair Clips

· PARTS CLUB Resin Mold
· UV-LED resin Hard
· UV light
· Resin toning dish
· Snow Powder
· Tweezers
· Sand paper
· Hair clip
· White manicure
1. Place the resin in the round part of the resin mold and harden it with UV light.
Repeat this multiple times to make many round resin parts in two sizes.
2. Pass about half of the round resin parts that you made in resin solution and attach the snow powder to the whole.
3. Roughly polish one side of the other half with sandpaper and make it look like polished glass.
4. Apply resin on the side, place it like a cloud and harden it.
5. Coat the hairpin with a white manicure, bond it with the resin solution prepared above and complete!

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