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Top Sweets Heart-Shaped Strawberry Languedocia

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Languedocia


Heart-Shaped Strawberry Languedocia

CCHAN Cooking
Have you ever made Languedocia? It has a great color, shape and texture ♡

■ Ingredients
· Bread dough flour ... 20g
· Almond Powder ... 15g
· Powdered sugar ... 30 g
· Unsalted butter ... 30 g
· Egg white ... 30g
· Vanilla essence ... a little
· Strawberry powder ... 1/2 teaspoon

■ Steps
Set butter and egg whites out to return to room temperature
Sift Almond powder and bread dough flour
1. Mash the butter until smooth. Add powdered sugar and mix.
2. Add egg whites little by little and mix firmly so that it becomes a dough. Add vanilla essence
3. Add almond powder and bread dough flour, mix well until the powder disappears.
Take out the dough and color it with strawberry powder.
4. Put the dough in a heart shaped languedocia stencil and flatten it with a spatula. Add pink pieces of pudding little by little to each, then smooth out with a spatula to make a pattern. Gently remove the mould. Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
5 . Complete after baking for 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 160 ° Celsius ♪

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