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Top Sweets Cute tuxedo ◎ Raspberry Panna cotta

Cute tuxedo ◎ Raspberry Panna cotta


Cute tuxedo ◎ Raspberry Panna cotta

CCHAN Cooking
There may be sweets that look very cute but difficult, but you can do this pretty easily ♪

■ Cooking time: about 25 minutes (excluding time to refrigerate)
■ Ingredients cost: Approximately 1800 yen

■ Three tumbler of material capacity 295 ml
· Raspberry Puree ... 400g
· Water ... 200ml
· Lemon juice ... 2 teaspoons
· Honey ... 60g
· Powdered gelatin ... 20 g · 3 g · 10 g
· Fresh cream ... 50ml

· Milk ... 500ml
· Granulated sugar ... 100 g

■ Steps
1. Boil water in a small pan, turn off the fire, add 20 g of honey and gelatin and mix well.
2. Add raspberry puree, lemon juice, and mixture from 1 to the bowl and mix well. Place glass on a slant on top of muffin baking pan and cool it for about 2 hours in a refrigerator.
3. Add fresh cream on remainder of mixture from step 2, with the gelatine melted in hot water beforehand and mix well. Take out 2 from the refrigerator and tilt the glass to the opposite side. Cool it in a refrigerator for about 1 - 2 hours.
4. Place milk and granulated sugar in a separate pan and heat until just before boiling. Stop the fire and add gelatin
Melt. Boil.
5. Place 3 glasses straight, pour 4 and further chill in a refrigerator for about 2 hours.
6. Completely solidify, and it is complete ♪

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