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Top Sweets Just 5 Eggs! Fluffy Egg Cake

Just 5 Eggs! Fluffy Egg Cake


Just 5 Eggs! Fluffy Egg Cake

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Just 5 Eggs! Fluffy Egg Cake

No ingredients other than eggs! You can make a cake with just eggs ♡
Please add toppings if you like!

■ Ingredients:
・ Eggs ... 5
・ Whipped cream ... appropriate amount
・ Maple syrup ... appropriate amount
・ Almonds ... appropriate amount
・ Mint ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Divide the egg into egg white and egg yolk, and whisk the egg white with a high-speed hand mixer until it forms a stiff peak stand to make meringue.
2. Add a small amount of meringue to the egg yolk and lather at high or medium speed.
3. Pour the frothy egg yolk into the meringue and whisk at medium speed to mix, smoothing slowly to eliminate large bubbles.
4. Pour into a paper mold and bake in a 180 degree oven for 20 minutes.
5. Turn the plate upside down and cool for about 10 minutes
6. Remove the paper mold, cut into pieces, and add fresh cream, almonds, maple syrup, and mint if you like.

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