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Top Sweets Colorful Berry Jelly♡

Colorful Berry Jelly♡


Colorful Berry Jelly♡

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients
· A. Berry juice ... 200ml
· B. Berry smoothie ... 200ml
· C. Milk ... 200ml
· Sugar ... 3 tablespoons
· Powdered agar ... 3 g
· Frozen berries ... 120g

■ Steps
1. Cut one side of the milk carton, fold the edge and make it into a container
2. Place sugar and powder agar in juice A, heat while stirring well. Turn to low heat when it boils. Heat for 2 minutes
3. Pour into milk carton and chill for 20 minutes. Repeat step 2 for B, pour into carton over the solidified juice A, and cool for 20 minutes
4. Finally repeat step 2 for C as well, scatter frozen berries on 3, pour C over it, and cool for 20 minutes
5. Garnish with cut mint and it’s done♪

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