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Top Diy Cool Shaved Ice Charm

Cool Shaved Ice Charm


Cool Shaved Ice Charm

· Fake sweets cup
· UV-LED resin HARD
· Coloring agent for resin pink
· Toning color palette
· Toning stick
· Sugar powder for fake sweets
· UV light
· Miniature Spoon
· Decoration cream sauce milk
· Toothpicks
Round jump ring
· Key holder parts
· Flat pliers
1) Place small amount of colored resin in cup
2) Place the resin in sugar powder and mix until it becomes clumpy
3) Put the powder in the cup
4) Pour the resin over the powder
5) Cure with UV light
6) Drop the resin on the edge of the cup, put on a miniature spoon and harden it
7) Put the decoration sauce on the top of the shaved ice and adjust the shape with a toothpick
8) Dry the cream (about 2 hours)
9) Completion when connecting with key holder parts with a round jump ring!

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