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Top Sweets Healthy Homemade Popsicles♡

Healthy Homemade Popsicles♡


Healthy Homemade Popsicles♡

CCHAN Cooking
A homemade ice bar with plenty of fruit and granola ♡
Enjoy it in the hot summer.

■ Ingredients:
Kiwi popsicle
・ Kiwi ... 1/2
・ Dragon fruit ... 1/4
・ Apple juice: appropriate amount
Muscat popsicle
・ Muscat ... 6-8 tablets
・ Konjac jelly ... appropriate amount
Granola milk popsicle
・ Granola: appropriate amount
・ Milk ... appropriate amount
Berry popsicle
・ Blueberry ... 8-10 tablets
・ Raspberry… 4-5
・ Soda water: appropriate amount

* As the amount of juice varies depending on the type, please adjust according to your preference.

■ Steps:
1. Kiwi popsicle
Slice kiwi thinly. Dice dragon fruit and put it in a mold
Pour apple juice.
2. Muscat popsicle
Cut Muscat in half vertically and put in melted konjac jelly.
3. Granola milk popsicle
Mix granola with milk and condensed milk, and add the mixed liquid.
4. Berry popsicle
Put berries in the mold and pour soda water.
5. Cool and harden in the freezer for 5 hours to complete.

Production: Kyoko Miura
Camera: Ryo Daikyoji

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