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Top Diy Cute Broken Egg Earring

Cute Broken Egg Earring


Cute Broken Egg Earring

· Resin clay for handicraft white
· Cotton swab
· Acrylic paint red, yellow
· UV-LED Resin Taiyo-no-shizuku
· UV light
· Toothpick
· Design Round jump ring
· Earring parts

1. Take a small amount of resin clay and mold two broken egg shells with a cotton swab.
2. Mix the red and yellow acrylic paint on the resin clay to make orange, make round and mold the egg yolk.
3. Place the clay molded in the shape of a shell like a reverse eight letter and put the resin in Y shape so as to connect the two. Put the yolks in the lower part of Y and solidify with light.
4. Add the resin, glaze the yolk and prepare the extent of the whites and cure it again.
5. Turn over, attach Heaton with resin, connect with earring parts with round ump ring. Done!

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