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Top Gourmet [Indonesia] Shabu-Shabu Restaurant

[Indonesia] Shabu-Shabu Restaurant


[Indonesia] Shabu-Shabu Restaurant

Jill Gladys
They have 5 different types of the soups and different wagyu that you can choose. They also have a big corner for you to choose and pick your own side dish such as : veggies, steam food, fries food, and also ice cream corner for the dessert. You will be given one pan for each table so you can cook by your own. You can ask & eat the wagyu as much as you can without extra charge, because it’s an all you can eat Restaurant. One of the highest quality type of meat for shabu shabu and Japanese buffet restaurant with an affordable price in town. Must try, people

IDR 150,000 and above


address Puri Indah Mall, 2nd Floor, Jakarta
ウェブ http://shabu-shaburi.com

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