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Top Diy DIY Squishy Handmade Purin♡

DIY Squishy Handmade Purin♡


DIY Squishy Handmade Purin♡

Have you tried purin (プリン) before?
It’s a really delicious Japanese pudding! And today, we’re going to show you how to make a DIY squishy purin cup♪

【What you need】
· Clear file or newspaper
· Pudding cup
- Handmade Squeeze Kit Fluffy Puffy (Available at Japanese Home Centers by mail order)
【Contents: main agent · curing agent · 2 polycups · stirring rod · vinyl gloves · instruction manual]
· Acrylic painting yellow / low amber
· Scissors
A brush

1) Transfer liquid A (main agent) and liquid B (hardener) to a cup
2) Color liquid A with acrylic paint
3) Add solution B to solution A and mix it quickly
4) Pour into a pudding cup
5) Wait for inflation (10 to 20 minutes)
6) Cut off the extra part
7) Color the top of the purin with paint
8) Complete when dry!

Work quickly after mixing Solution A and Solution B! Working quickly is key♪

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