Top Cooking How to Make Dried Fruits & Veggies!

How to Make Dried Fruits & Veggies!


How to Make Dried Fruits & Veggies!

How to Make Dried Fruits!

Do your fruits and veggies go bad?
It is good to freeze it beforehand, but it will take up space 💦
In such a case, it is recommended to dry!

■ How to make
① Wash well with water.
Because it can be made with skin, do not peel the skin and take plenty of nutrition.

② Cut to a size that is easy to eat.
By changing the cutting method, the range of dishes it can be used in is expanded!
Fruits and radishes that have a lot of water will dry cleanly if the water is reduced with paper towels

③ Arrange the cut vegetables on the net.
As for the net, 3COINS (@ 3coins_official) 's "Dry food net (¥ 300 + tax)" is recommended!
Because it is three-tiered, it does not take up space next to it.
There is also a zipper, so it's okay if the wind blows it up ♪

Dry for 1-2 days in the sun.
Enzymes are activated when dried in the sun, improving umami and nutritional value!
In winter, when the air is dry, it is relatively easy to dry, so it can dry in a day if it is sunny.
If you like semi-dry, touch it and take it out with a little moist!

The shelf life is completely dry, about a month, and semi-dry is about 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

■ Recommended way to eat
① Fruit
It is delicious if eaten as it is, but if you want to return it, yogurt is recommended instead of water!
You can enjoy the same texture as raw ♪
If you do it in the evening, it is ready for breakfast because it is ready in the morning!
You can also use it on honey or syrup.

② mushroom
When cooked with rice, the mushroom umami begins to melt and is delicious!
Mushrooms, especially when dried in the sun, increase nutritional value by several times.
It is also recommended for children to mix with their favorite dishes and for salad toppings!

③ vegetables
When put in miso soup, the vegetable broth melts into the soup and is exquisite.
It will be more delicious if you add mushrooms together.
Dried tomatoes are good for pasta and pizza!

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