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Cherry Blossom Jelly Dessert


Cherry Blossom Jelly Dessert

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Cherry Blossom Jelly Dessert

A cute cherry jelly with white hearts hidden inside ♪
The pink color makes my heart happy!

■ Ingredients:
・ Rice flour ... 20g
・ Silken tofu ... 25g
・ Red food coloring ... a little
・ Salted cherry blossoms… 50g
・ Water ... 480ml
・ Sugar ... 80g
・ Powdered gelatin ... 15g
・ Sakura liqueur ... 4 tablespoons

■ Preparation
The petals of cherry blossoms are soaked in water to remove salt, and are divided into petals and buds.
Add water 3 (not included) to gelatin and soften.

■ Steps:
1 Mix tofu with white egg powder and mix until it becomes slightly harder than the earlobe
2. Add food red coloring dissolved in water to make it pink
3. Roll it into a ball-sized piece, stretch it, and cut it into a heart shape. Boil it in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes, and then float it in cold water.
4. Put water and sugar in a pan and mix while mixing over low heat.
2. Add gelatin and mix, then put the bottom of the pan on ice water to cool. Add cherry liqueur after cooling
3. Add cherry blossom petals 3 and heart rice cake, and mix gently to avoid bubbles.
4. Pour into a mold, chill in a refrigerator and harden to complete ♪

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