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Top Hair Ponytails 4 Ways

Ponytails 4 Ways


Ponytails 4 Ways

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
■ Relax Pony
① Make half up
② Boldly loosen top hair
③ Complete by gathering remaining hair together

■ Casual pony
① Tie in a ponytail
② Loop in reverse
③ Pin down only the hair that has spread

■ Ethnic Pony
① Tie in one at low part of neck
② Loosen the top and create lots of hair loosened out
③ Tie with long hair tie while shifting from the knot

■ Ariana Pony
① Using a comb, make a firm ponytail at a high head position
② Take a handful of hair from the knot, wrap it around the hair tie and pin it
(For people who normally hide the hair tie, consciously take a bundle thicker than usual)
③ Puff up hair inside the hair bundle from the knot and add volume

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