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Top Diy DIY Fake Ice Cream Bar Charm

DIY Fake Ice Cream Bar Charm


DIY Fake Ice Cream Bar Charm

· Make with clay! Ice bar maker (100 yen shop)
· Baby Oil
· Resin clay pastel green (100 yen shop)
· Instant glue
· Acrylic paint brown
· Quick drying woodworking glue
·clear file folder
· Clear cup
· Bamboo skewers
A brush
· Sweets Decoration Chocolate sprinkles (100 yen shop)
· Manicure top coat
· Eye pin (100 yen shop)
· Key ring fittings (100 yen shop)
· Flat pliers

1) Apply baby oil to the ice bar maker and press clay in
2) Paste the attached ice stick with instantaneous glue, close the maker and press it tightly
3) Dry it once opened (about 1 day)
4) Place woodworking glue and acrylic paint (in a ratio of about 2: 1) in a clear cup and mix with bamboo skewers, then apply it to the ice bar
5) Put on chocolate spray
6) Dry (about half a day)
7) Apply the top coat to the chocolate area and dry it (about 2 to 3 hours)
8) Apply an instantaneous glue to the eye pin and insert it into the ice bar
9) Complete after connecting key holder parts!

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