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Top Sweets Nonfried! 2-color Veggie Donuts

Nonfried! 2-color Veggie Donuts


Nonfried! 2-color Veggie Donuts

Nonfried! Bi-color Veggie Donuts

Simple yet nutritious! Healthy because it is not fried
Children who don't like vegetables can eat it ♪

Donut type (for about 5 cm diameter 11 pieces)
・ Spinach ... 2 shares
・ Carrot ... 1/3

・ Light flour (Hakurikiko) 150g
・ Sugar ... 40g
・ Baking powder ... 8g
・ Salt ... 1/2 teaspoon
・ Egg yolk ... 2
・ Soy milk ... 90 ml
・ Melted butter ... 10g
(10ml salad oil can be used instead)

・ Boil spinach for 1 minute and chop it, and grate carrots.
・ Set the oven to 180 degrees.

1. Mix flour, soy milk, egg yolk, and melted butter, divide into two, add spinach and carrot to each bowl, and make two colors of dough.
2. Pour the dough into the donut shape mold (about 80%).
* If you want to use two colors, pour the dough into one hole, smooth it, and then put the next dough.
* If you do not have a mold, spread a cooking sheet on the top plate and squeeze it into a circle 5 cm in size.
3. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
4. When cooled, slowly remove from the mold and complete!


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