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Top Diy DIY Medicine-like Smartphone Case

DIY Medicine-like Smartphone Case


DIY Medicine-like Smartphone Case

DIY Medicine-like Smartphone Case
■ Material cost: $5
■ Working time: 2 hours

·Masking tape
· UV resin
· Mixing palette
· Glitter
· Toothpick
· UV light
· Hoseki-no-shizuku (coloring agent for resin)
· Smartphone case
· Glitter sheet

1. Make ring with masking tape with its adhesive side facing up and stick to the desk
2. Open the empty capsule and stand it on the masking tape
3. Mix the UV resin and glitter, put it halfway into the longer capsule and cure with UV light
4. Color the UV resin to your favorite color and put it in the longer capsule to harden.
5. Place the colored UV resin in the shorter capsule. Put until the hemispherical part of the bottom of the capsule
6. Place the long capsule over the short capsule and harden.
7. Melt the capsules in water.
8. When softened, peel the capsule shell with a sponge or the like
9. Make each with your favorite colors
10. Stick to the smartphone case with resin
11. Cut the glitter sheet according to the shape of the case, and place between the smartphone and the case. Done!

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