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Advanced Hair Tuck Arrange


Advanced Hair Tuck Arrange

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
"Hair Tuck" that makes cute hair style with simple but easy.
Why do not you improve your arranging more by applying this Hair Tuck?

Today, I introduce the adult-like Hair Tuck Arrange for Long Hair!
Please try something good up to level 3 ♡

① Divide the hair up and down and tie up
② Tie the rest of hair together
③ Loosen the top

① Take a single bundle of hair above your ear and take it to the other side while twisting
② Take a bundle from the top of the ear in the same way on the other side and join it with the bundle of 1
③ Tie and tuck the hair
④ In the process of 1, 2, 3, it also tuck on the opposite side in the same way
⑤ Loosen the twisted part

① Tie the top hair and tuck
② Tie the underneath hair, combine with 1 to make it warm
③ Tuck and pin all the rest of hair together with 1, 2
④ Round the hair from the knot inward and pin it
⑤ Loosen the whole

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