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Top Sweets Spice Up Your Halloween Party🧟‍♀️💉

Spice Up Your Halloween Party🧟‍♀️💉


Spice Up Your Halloween Party🧟‍♀️💉

CCHAN Cooking
It's like making a magical drink! Introducing two juices where you can experience the feeling of experimentation.
Please use it at the Halloween party!

■ Ingredients:
[Butterfly Tea]
・ Butterfly Pea Tea ... 150ml
・ Preferred jelly ... 2 tablespoons
・ Ice ... appropriate amount
・ Lemon juice: appropriate amount

[Flask smoothie]
Mango smoothie
・ Mango ... 100g
・ Soy milk ... 150ml

Berry smoothie
・ Frozen berries ... 100g
・ Soy milk ... 200ml

Avocado smoothie
・ Avocado ... 1/2
・ Honey ... 1 teaspoon
・ Banana: 1/4
・ Soy milk ... 100ml

・ Whipped cream: appropriate amount
・ Bamboo skewers ... 1

■ Steps:
[Butterfly pea juice]
1. Put the broken jelly, ice and butterfly tea in the cylinder.
2. Use a dropper to add lemon juice near the jelly part.

[Flask smoothie]
1. For mango and frozen berries, add soy milk to each juice. Add avocado, honey and banana to the blender with soy milk.
2. Place mango smoothie, berry smoothie and avocado smoothie in the flask.
3. Draw a pattern with bamboo skewers.
4. Complete with whipped cream.

Production: Kyoko Miura

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