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Top Culture Best for Your Buck Seasonal Items to Try

Best for Your Buck Seasonal Items to Try


Best for Your Buck Seasonal Items to Try

Live Your Best Winter Life! Cheap and Warm Items to Have

Even with heating, it's cold! Do you ever feel this way?
There are a lot of warm goods from 3COINS that are warm and funny that make you laugh.

☑️Mini style table $5
A top plate and a mini table are a set, and a mini kotatsu is completed when it is combined with a blanket.
It can be used anywhere in the house and is perfect for resting with sweets or working.

☑️U-shaped cushion $10
The U-shaped large cushion is great for when you want to lay face down, can be used as a pillow, and can be used as a seating chair if you lean further.
It's perfect when combined with the mini table

☑️Portable storage case ¥ 300
If you put what you need and leave it next to the kotatsu, you don't have to bother leaving the kotatsu.
It has plenty of pockets, so it can be used for virtually anything ♪

☑️Universal hand ¥ 300
"I forgot to put it in my carrying case! But I don't want to leave the kotatsu ..."
What a good time for this good!
Even if you don't move, you can grab things and discard trash.
You may think that it is surprisingly convenient ♪

(All prices excluding tax)

* Restocking dates vary by store. For details, please contact the store you are visiting.

Cast: murata saki

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