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Top Sweets Shakeable Candy Cookies ♡

Shakeable Candy Cookies ♡


Shakeable Candy Cookies ♡

CCHAN Cooking
Shakeable cookies just keep evolving! We made candy pot cookies that jumped out like a dome ^ ^

■ Cooking time About 1 hour (excluding drying time)
■ Ingredients cost approx. 950 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Light Flour ... 150g
· Almond powder ... 50g
· Salt-free butter ... 50 g
· Granulated sugar ... 60 g
· Eggs ... 1 piece

· Sugar for icing ... 200g
· Water ... 30ml

· Gelatin ... 50 g
· Water ... 150ml
· Sugar ... 15g
· Coloring agent ... Blue
· Topping sugar ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
How to make cookies: Mix flour, almond powder, butter, granulated sugar, eggs and make cookie dough and put it in a refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Stretch the cookie dough to about 5 mm thick. Cut Circular and triangular shapes, then hollow out into the shape of a candy pot using a mouthpiece. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

1. Mix gelatin, sugar, and food coloring into hot water. Dip inflated balloons and let dry for about half a day.
2. Mix icing sugar and water to make icing and color pink and light blue. (Make it a little harder so as to draw a border)
3. Separate light blue and pink half, add about 5 ml of water and make soft icing. (Make it softly as to paint inside the picture frame)
4. Draw a candy pot picture with step 2 and step 3 icing on the baked cookie.
5. Break the balloon and take it out. (← If you cut with edible scissors so that it becomes a hemisphere it’ll be more beautiful)
Put heart and star-shaped topping sugar, then complete with icing ^ ^

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