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Top Sweets Cute Summer Pool Party🏖

Cute Summer Pool Party🏖


Cute Summer Pool Party🏖

CCHAN Cooking
Cute Summer Pool Party🏖

Even in hot summer, you can feel cool with jelly~
Try with friends at a pool party!

■ Ingredients:
・ Egg white ... 1
・ 50g of sugar
・ Corn starch: appropriate amount
・ Gelatin powder ... 10g
・ Hot water ... 50g
・ Food color: appropriate amount

・ Gelatin powder ... 10g
・ Hot water ... 50g
・ 50g of sugar
・ Food color: appropriate amount

・ Your favorite sweets ... appropriate amount

■ Preparation
1. Add egg white and sugar and mix with a hand mixer to make a firm meringue.
2. Mix the gelatin in hot water with the rest of the ingredients and add to the meringue little by little to make marshmallow.

■ Steps:
1. Pipe marshmallows in mermaid and shark molds, then cool
2. Divide gelatin dissolved in hot water into two and mix food coloring
3. Pour onto the plate prepared in step 2 like a gradation
4. Remove the chilled ① from the mold. Leave the shark as it is, and stick the mermaid with the toothpick, then stab it in the jelly
5. Decorate with your favorite cookies, chocolates, etc.

Production: Fadhila Faizal

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