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Top Gourmet [Singapore] Ice cream...Singaporean way!

[Singapore] Ice cream...Singaporean way!


[Singapore] Ice cream...Singaporean way!

Audrey Patricia
"Ice Potong"", also known as the ice cream sandwich of Singapore, is something truly unique to Singaporean culture. ""Potong"" means ""to-cut"".. So it directly translates to ""cut ice cream"". You can spot these little ice cream carts along Orchard Road. You pick your flavour, and decide if you wanna have it in a cup, with wafer, or have it with a slice of soft, multi coloured bread. There are an array of flavours to choose from. From common flavours like chocolate chip... To more exotic flavours like yam... You are definitely spoilt for choice! I love having my ice cream with bread. The soft sliced of multi-coloured bread with an ice cold creamy block of ice cream... Perfection!

Price - $1.20 / Ice Cream

Ice Potong

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