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Top Nail Mermaid Aqua Nail Arts♡

Mermaid Aqua Nail Arts♡


Mermaid Aqua Nail Arts♡

1. Apply top gel.
2. Randomly apply pink, yellow, light blue and dark blue and blur the boundaries of each colors.
3. Apply top gel.
4. Apply clear gel on the edge of a nail tip and put it on your nail.
5. Fill the bottom of the nail tip with clear acrylic powder.
6. Apply top gel.
7. Put crystal stones, aurora shells and hologram glitter into the gap.
8. Put 3-4 seashell-shaped metal parts.
9. Pour clear oil and pink-colored water with syringe.
10. Fill the top of your nail with clear acrylic powder.
11. Apply top gel.
12. Attach some gold leaf and crystal parts on the edge of your nail.
13. Put a mermaid sticker.

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