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Top Cooking Not Rice, Tofu!Healthy “Fried Rice" Tofu

Not Rice, Tofu!Healthy “Fried Rice" Tofu


Not Rice, Tofu!Healthy “Fried Rice" Tofu

CCHAN Cooking
Not Fried Rice, Tofu! Healthy Tofu “Fried Rice” Style

Fried rice itself without using rice! !
Recommended for dinner when you come home late at night!

《Material (1 serving)》
・ Roasted tofu 150g
・ 5 garlic sprouts
・ Thickly sliced ​​bacon 35g
・ Onion 1/4
・ One egg
・ Noodle soup 40 ml
・ Salt and pepper
・ Appropriate amount of red ginger

1, stir-fry roasted tofu until there is no more water
2, stir fry bacon, when oil comes out, add garlic sprouts and onion and stir well with salt and pepper
3, Add beaten egg and stir-fry → Add tofu and mix the whole and add noodle soup
4, Once mixed in, put it in a bowl and turn it upside down with red ginger

(By the way ...)
I used roasted tofu to give it a fragrance, but you can also use silken tofu.
If you use sesame oil when frying the ingredients, the flavor will be even bolder. For other ingredients, try carrots, peppers, sausages, pork, paprika ... and whatever you like!
For those who are not satisfied with tofu alone, fry together with half a bowl of rice to increase the volume!

-Production: Tsukuriko

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