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Top Hair Chic Triple Dutch Braided Bun

Chic Triple Dutch Braided Bun


Chic Triple Dutch Braided Bun

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
Simple! All you need to do is to make three dutch braids and roll a bun!
It is amazingly easy than you thought <3
Let me show you a braided hair style to you!
It is "Chic Braided Bun "! Good to wear this style to dating, work, party and so on.

1. Position two pony tails. Make a high pony tail that close to right ear,
the other one is lower than left ear position but close to the ear.
2. Make two dutch braids in high pony tail section equally.
3. Then make another one dutch braid in lower pony tail section.
4. Loose the three dutch braids.
5. Start with left dutch braids, go over right braids from top and feed it back into a bun with a pin.
6. Next feed the right top braid back into a bun, repeat same for last braids and secure with a pin. Loose the top hair a bit to have a relaxed look.


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