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Top Sweets Edamame Choux Creme Dessert

Edamame Choux Creme Dessert


Edamame Choux Creme Dessert

CCHAN Cooking
Cute little Choux sweets to pop in your mouth ☆

■ Ingredients cost: Approximately 500 yen
■ Cooking time: about 80 minutes

■ Ingredients:
Matcha cookie dough
· Butter ... 50g
· Sugar ... 40 g
· Flour ... 50g
· Almond Powder ... 30g
· Matcha powder ... 10g

Choux dough
· Butter ... 45g
· Salt ... a bit
· Milk ... 100ml
· Matcha powder ... appropriate amount
· Light flour ... 60g
· Egg ... 100 g

Matcha Custard Cream
· Custard ... 100g
· Matcha powder ... appropriate amount

■ Steps:
· Make matcha cookie dough is, then roll out to 5 mm thick and freeze in the freezer
· Mix green tea powder in custard cream to make Matcha Custard Cream
1. Put butter, milk, salt, powdered green tea powder in a pot and boil. Add light flour and mix with wood belly
2. Add eggs in three separate portions. Mix well each time.
3. Squeeze into a 2 cm circle on the cooking sheet. Add Matcha cookie dough on top
Bake for 10 minutes in an oven heated to 200 degrees Celsius, lower to 170 degrees, and continue baking for 20 minutes
4. Complete by sandwiching the matcha cream.

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