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Top Diy Complete DIY! Phone Case from Scratch!

Complete DIY! Phone Case from Scratch!


Complete DIY! Phone Case from Scratch!

■ Working time: About 90 minutes
■ Cost: Approximately $15

· Cornstarch
· "Shin-Etsu" Silicone One Liquid Type RTV Rubber 100 ml Transparent KE 45 T-100
· Acrylic paint
· Your own smartphone
· Construction paper
· Masking tape
· Plastic wrap
· Rolling pin
· Spatula for clay

* Put out vinyl sheets or newspapers etc. so that the floor and table do not become dirty. Please work with vinyl gloves on to protect hands.
① Cut the construction paper to the same size as your smartphone, lay it on the screen of the smartphone and fix it with masking tape. Use plastic wrap and completely wrap the smartphone.
② Mix the cornstarch and the silicon, and thoroughly knead it into clay.
③ Extend the clay made in ② with a rolling pin, place the smartphone on and use the spatula to fold it as if wrapping it.
④ Remove the extra portion with a spatula so that the screen will be visible and let it dry. When the silicon is dry, take out the smartphone and remove the camera part with a spatula so that the camera function can be used.
⑤ Again combine cornstarch and silicon, and add acrylic paint to make colored silicon.
⑥ Cut out paper in the shape you want to make, place it on the rolled out colored silicon and cut with a spatula.
⑦ Apply silicon to the back of the cut silicon, paste it on the case made in ④, dry it and it's done!

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